The border wall

The news is out: [A US Customs and Border Protection officer was sentenced to 30 months in prison for taking a bribe at the US-Mexico border, according to the Department of Justice.
Jose Rosalio Fuentes, 58, plead guilty in February 2020 to accepting $6,000 bribe from Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Villa, a convicted and deported felon. At the time of the incident, Fuentes was a canine officer operating in Nogales, Arizona.
According to sentencing filings from the District of Arizona, an unidentified person first messaged Fuentes and inquired about what would happen if Gonzalez-Villa, who had several warrants out for his arrest, turned himself in at the border.
Prosecutors allege that Fuentes took this inquiry as an opportunity to enrich himself.
“I was going to tell you, if he wants to go to jail, he will be in jail for five years,” Fuentes responded. “Or he can wait for when I’m there and then well . . . he passes, right.”]

With deals like this, why bother with a wall? The wall is a tribute to American stupidity caused by racism.

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