Doctor Birx

The news is out: [Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of former President Donald Trump’s White House Coronavirus task force said she always considered quitting.
“I mean, why would you want to put yourself through that every day?” Birx said in a clip of an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’ “Face The Nation.”
Birx said her job and the pandemic had been politicized.
“Colleagues of mine that I’d known for decades – decades – in that one experience, because I was in the White House, decided that I had become this political person, even though they had known me forever,” she said. “I had to ask myself every morning, ‘Is there something that I think I can do that would be helpful in responding to this pandemic?’ And it’s something I asked myself every night.“]

Doctor quack always considered quitting but never did. She asked herself every night when she was asleep but never thought of asking herself during the day when she looked dazed and confused dreaming about Trump.

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