Religious enforcers

The news is out: [MADRID (AP) — The first comprehensive internal inquiry on sex abuse allegations by a religious order in Spain has identified 81 children and 37 adult victims by 96 Jesuits since the late 1920s, a much higher number than the cases that had so far been publicly known. For 65 of the Jesuits, the accusations involved underage victims.
Associations of victims are welcoming the disclosure, but they see it falling short since the names of perpetrators or those who covered up the abuses weren’t disclosed. They also want the Jesuits’ inquiry to lead to proper criminal cases against the few abusers that are still alive and a detailed plan to compensate their victims.
Jesuits are how members of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order that was formed in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola, are commonly known as.
In the Jesuits’ wretched record of abuse in the U.S.. their Northwest U.S. chapter paid out in 2011 what was at the time the largest-ever settlement for clergy abuse, $166 million to 500 victims, many of them Native Americans who were raped and molested in remote Jesuit schools and parishes in Alaska.]

The Jesuit order is the enforcement branch of the Catholic Church. They are responsible, among other things, for the removal of unwanted popes, usually by poison.

After all the disclosures and breaking news available to the public, loving parents still provide the religious goons with tax free money and fresh meat to rape.

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