The news is out: [The heiress to the Publix Super Market chain contributed the “lion’s share” of money to fund the January 6 pro- Trump rally in Washington DC that preceded the deadly storming of the US Capitol, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

Julie Jenkins Fancelli, a top donor to former President Donald Trump, gave about $300,000 to the “Save America” rally – more than half the cost of funding the event, the Journal said.
Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and far-right talk show host, arranged for Fancelli to contribute the money via an official from Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, the newspaper said. Jones himself contributed about $50,000 in seed money for the January 6 rally, Journal said.
At the event, Trump repeated baseless claims that he had been defeated in the presidential election due to fraud, and he told his supporters to “fight like hell.”
The group then descended on the US Capitol, pushing past police and scaling walls in an attempt to stop President Joe Biden’s electoral college certification. Five people died in the siege.]

Where shopping is a pleasure if you are a white supremacist or traitor.

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