Thought of the day

It seems to me that my American countrymen are getting dumber by the minute. That fascination with Trump is not healthy, and the networks need to give it a rest. Videos of the Trump terrorist desecration of the Constitution are played ad nauseum during the day and night. Only a nation of dimwits would stand in front of a camera with only Trump in mind. People, who ought to know better, are still expecting some common sense from Trump and lament his every problem. Oh, he is still running the republican party, his lawyers quit, his properties are not making money, his debts are becoming due. I don’t give a damn.

Another focus of attention du jour is Marjorie Taylor Greene. Unless the bimbo gets on all four and starts grazing in front of the Capitol, I don’t care what she does.

Luckily, Lauren Boebert lost her steam and no one cares about her, except her pimp.

I will resume this thought after I refresh my rum and coke. BRB

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