The news is out: [STANTON , Neb. (AP) — A former northeastern Nebraska village clerk who was praised for her work in helping rebuild her community following a 2014 tornado strike has been sentenced to prison for stealing from the village.
Kimberly Neiman, 58, was sentenced Monday in Stanton County District Court to three years in prison, the Norfolk Daily News reported. Neiman was arrested last year on multiple felony theft and other counts. In a deal with prosecutors, the former Pilger clerk pleaded guilty in November to one count of attempted theft in exchange for all other counts being dropped.
In addition to her sentence, Neiman was ordered to repay just over $44,000 to Pilger and the Pilger Fire Department.
Neiman was fired by the village board in February 2019, following a state audit that found more than $562,000 in questionable transactions and more than $156,000 in suspicious charges on the village’s credit card.]

One of many floating around this country.

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