Southern scum

The news is out: [A Southern Baptist pastor in Arlington received a letter laden with racist remarks after pulling his church from the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and weighing whether to leave the national convention over leaders’ shortcomings in addressing racial insensitivity in the denomination.
The Rev. William Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington is one of several Black pastors who is considering leaving the Southern Baptist Convention. McKissic announced Jan. 15 he would pull his and his church from the Texas convention after leaders created a policy that denounced Critical Race Theory, a school of thought that examines structural racism and conscious and unconscious bias against people of color, as divisive and harmful to the church.
Days after his announcement, McKissic received letter from John V. Rutledge, an author and former Southern Baptist. In a one-page letter, Rutledge said “nothing is ever enough” for Black people. Drawing on offensive words and stereotypes of Black people, he noted people of color should be grateful, citing their accomplishments in the denomination and federal initiatives such as Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.
“Yet they remain savages; they defile and diminish every arena in which they parade: academic, political, corporate, judicial, military, athletic,” he wrote.]

What the hell is a negro doing joining any religion, let alone the racist Southern Baptist cult is beyond common sense.

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