Hair discrimination

The news is out: [Mahisha Dellinger, founder and CEO of natural hair care company Curls, is calling out workplaces that refuse to let women of color style their hair naturally and rock their Afros.
“We understand the European standard of beauty is in our face. We can’t escape it,” Dellinger told Yahoo Finance. “The straight flowy locks that you see all over TV and the media and then also the men that like and clamor to those women really impact a young woman’s self-esteem if you have kinkier textured hair.”
The U.S. hair care market is about $47 billion and expected to grow to over $50 billion by 2025.
The pressure to fit into office culture in order to earn a living has left many women of color “feeling the need to assimilate in corporate America,” said Dellinger. “Some industries don’t accept natural hair. Think of…reporters. People can’t just go in and change a norm. It’s hard to actually come in and rock your Afro and feel like you’re going to be received and respected as much as your colleague with the straight tresses.”]

Like I have been writing for years, kinky, nappy, Brillo-style hair is natural; straight hair is recessive. Just like skin tone; the darker the skin, the more natural. Nothing beats the Afro hair of a black woman. Nothing.

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