Black magic woman

The news is out: [‘What if something happens to [Biden], and Jezebel has to take over?’ wondered one from the pulpit. ‘Jezebel Harris? Isn’t that her name?’
Two white pastors in Texas are under fire for reportedly calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “jezebel” from their pulpits.
Pastor Steve Swofford of First Baptist Church of Rockwall, Texas referred to President Joe Biden as a “cognitively dysfunctional president.” He asked his congregation, “What if something happens to him, and Jezebel has to take over? Jezebel Harris? Isn’t that her name?”
Swofford made his remarks on Sunday, Jan. 3.
Two weeks later, Pastor Tom Buck, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas, made his first reference to the vice president on Twitter, where, according to Baptist News, he wrote: “I can’t imagine any truly God-fearing Israelite who would’ve wanted their daughters to view Jezebel as an inspirational role model because she was a woman in power.”]

Racist, xenophobic, sexist, these wussy girly men are still terrified of the black woman. No wonder they need help from their pool boys. Since the age of American slavery, Jezebel came to be understood as an overly sexual Black woman, a stereotype depicted in film and fiction. Most recently, the image of the “Black Jezebel” was popularized in 1970s Blaxploitation films.

Fighting terrorism since 1492 and ignorance since 1804.

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