Georgia, of course

The news is out: [AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — An Army officer in Georgia who held a top-secret security clearance has been sentenced to serve three decades in federal prison for producing child pornography, authorities said Monday.
A federal judge sentenced 41-year-old Jason Michael Musgrove to serve 30 years after he pleaded guilty to production of child pornography, U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine said in a news release. Musgrove must also pay $9,000 in restitution to the victims and register as a sex offender.
“The disturbing and despicable nature of such predators only increases their danger to the community, and Musgrove’s long sentence immediately makes the community safer,” Christine said in the release.
When Musgrove was arrested in December 2019, he was a U.S. Army major assigned to the Army Cyber Command at Fort Gordon in Augusta, where he worked as an integrated threats operations officer with a top-secret security clearance.]

Children don’t stand a chance in this world; unless parents step up to their responsibility.

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