I was robbed on day one

9:00am: I settled comfortably in my leather gaming racing office chair, with footrest, headrest and lumbar support. Smiling, I readied myself to watch the proceedings of the much anticipated 2nd Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. I was at my second drink of rum and coke when I noticed that I was being robbed. A promise is a promise. I am a tax paying spectator.

The very last thing I want to look at in the morning is the mug of George Thomas Conway III who never had a decent night of sleep. Instead of a Supreme Court judge, I had to settle for Senate Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy presiding over the proceedings. Where TF is John G. Roberts, Jr.?

Instead of clever legal constitutional arguments, I was tricked into listening to a bunch of ignorant morons flapping their gums about what they believe the meaning of the Constitution to be. Just like pastors telling me what God meant when he wrote the bible with his fingers.

Instead of reality and common sense, I was mesmerized by 2 defense lawyers who, obviously, were far away from this planet on January 6th, 2021. On this Earth, we have a prevalent motto: “Don’t do the crime unless you can do the time.” So stop the ad nauseum rambling and get to work.

I deserve a decent show or want my money back.

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