2 cents worth

During this circus act by the American Senate, everyone is trying to present their 2 cents. Since I hate to waste anything of mine, here is my penny’s worth.

I sat in a classroom for 250 hours of criminal and Constitutional laws and understand the way things should be. Watching the behavior of certain senators, I am straining to find the meaning of this second impeachment, when 44 of them don’t seem to understand basic English. They also don’t care about the oath they took or the country.

I am waiting to see if the FBI will follow the political trial with a more meaningful criminal action. Long ago, I learned that NO ONE is above the law; is it still the same today?

It would be quite unfair to charge the American taxpayers with any expenses to repair the damages resulting from the January 6th, 2021 terrorist act of a few. I refuse to do the time for the jackasses who did the crime. Let them pay for their own stupidity.

And lastly, will the US fight domestic terrorism with the same fervor as the Islamic extremism?

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