Another chosen one

The news is out: [Feb. 10—Long before divorce documents spilled tantalizing secrets about the wealth of Miami megachurch pastor Guillermo Maldonado — and his wife’s accusations of emotional abuse — there were signs he was a charlatan.
The Honduran evangelical pastor, who railed against sinners, had no problem hosting and embracing morally corrupt President Trump, who demonized immigrants like the ones sitting in Maldonado’s pews at King Jesus International Ministry.
Not to leave himself out of the power equation between God and Trump, Maldonado declared himself the conduit of all this greatness: “I release the Holy Spirit upon his life. I declare, God, that you use him.”
Now, in light of his wife’s charges of abuse and misuse of church funds, we can understand why Maldonado would so heartily endorse a president who cheated on his pregnant wife with a hooker and boasted about sexually assaulting women.]

Birds of a feather flock together.

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