Another dead baby

The news is out: [Tens of thousands of Romanians are demanding the country’s Orthodox Church bans the tradition of putting babies’ heads underwater during baptism after an infant drowned while being christened.
An online petition has now gathered over 63,000 names following the tragedy that took place on February 1 in the northern town of Suceava.
According to reports, the priest completely immersed the six-week-old boy, who was also born prematurely, during the service, but halted when the baby stopped crying and started to turn blue around the lips. Despite being rushed to hospital, the child died the next day while in intensive care.]

As I explained in my books, baptism is child abuse, and an example of the lack of morality of religion. Let’s analyze baptism. A baby is an innocent being who just made it to Earth. His welcome to the family and the world is to be falsely accused of “sin” by a gang of delusional adults. Having a pedophile, a child molester pour water on the baby’s head or worse, completely immerse the newborn while reciting some hallucinating mumbo-jumbo frontier gibberish is a criminal act.

It’s time for our society to stop the worship of a baby killer and protect children who are our future. Let’s accommodate parents who decide to have their baby baptized; let’s hold the parents’ head under water for 40 days and 40 nights.

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