Clowns, not cops

The news is out: [Three Aurora, Colo., police officers who were fired last year over a photo mocking the chokehold death of Elijah McClain will not get their jobs back, the city’s Civil Service Commission ruled Tuesday.
The conclusion by the three-person commission upholds Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson’s decision to fire Officers Erica Marrero, Kyle Dittrich and Jason Rosenblatt last July, supporting the first concrete disciplinary action taken against an Aurora police officer in connection with McClain’s 2019 death and its aftermath.
At the center of the conduct issue was a photo Marrero and Dittrich posed for (along with a third officer, who has since resigned) in October 2019, two months after McClain’s death. In the photo, the officers are smiling as they reenact a chokehold while standing in front of a memorial for McClain.]

I wonder why cops didn’t use their famous chokehold on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol?

They will be rehired by another department looking for killers.

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