Not deaf, not blind, just stupid

The news is out: [WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Multiple Republican senators found graphic videos of the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol upsetting but suggested they would not lead them to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting insurrection.
“Today’s presentation was powerful and emotional, reliving a terrorist attack on our nation’s capital, but there was very little said about how specific conduct of the president satisfies a legal standard,” said Republican Senator Ted Cruz.
Convicting Trump would require the votes of two-thirds of the 100 members of the Senate, meaning that at least 17 Republicans would have to join all 48 Democrats and the two independents who caucus with them.
The Senate on Tuesday in a 56-44 vote rejected an attempt to declare the trial unconstitutional because Trump left office when his term ended on Jan. 20. That margin suggested Democrats face an uphill climb in trying to convict the man who still remains popular with Republican voters.]

Hopefully, the American voters will understand the threat posed by these traitors to the country.

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