Our public servants

The news is out: [Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who led the effort to contest the 2020 election in Congress, said he believed that holding a trial for a former president is unconstitutional ― a dubious view the Senate rejected in a bipartisan vote on Tuesday ― and that no evidence would convince him of Trump’s guilt.
“There’s nothing new here, for me, at the end of the day,” Hawley said. “I think that we don’t have jurisdiction as a court in order to pursue this, so nothing that I’ve seen changes my view on that, and if you don’t have jurisdiction, that’s just the end of the call.”
Hawley spent much of the day alone in the public gallery above the Senate floor, which officials had made available to senators to accommodate for social distancing and reading documents while Democrats presented their case. While Hawley didn’t seem to be paying attention to the floor proceedings, he did note that his view from the gallery afforded him the opportunity to watch senator reactions from above.
“It’s interesting to sort of see people taking notes or not,” Hawley said.
To Hawley’s point, a number of Democrats spent Wednesday taking notes and paying close attention to the presentation, while most Republicans seemed uninterested and unengaged, sitting back in their seats or reading unrelated documents.]

This is the voters’ choice. The state of Missouri is okay, but the voters suck.

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