Sue the bastard

The news is out: [A Beverly Hills police officers is accused to playing copyrighted music while being filmed by a member of the public in order to trigger content filters that will get the video taken offline.
According to CBS Los Angeles, activists have reported a number of instances were Beverly Hills police put on music when interacting with the public. Sennett Devermont, who posts videos of his run-ins with the city’s police, said it was a tactic to stifle free speech and for the police to avoid accountability.
During a recent interaction with Beverly Hills police Sgt. Billy Fair, the officer took out his own cellphone and started playing music (Sublime’s “Santeria”) while Devermont was streaming on Instagram Live.]

Hey Sennett, when anyone violates your Constitutional rights, you have the duty to sue the living sh*t out of the perpetrator.

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