Thought of the day

I am working on a serious case of whiplash trying to convince myself that certain people are intelligent. Needless to say, I watched the 4th day of the impeachment trial. What have we done, people?

When I noticed Rand Paul laughing, I could sense that the US has finally entered a new chapter in stupidity. The arguments being made by the defense were not impressive; a newborn baby would have known.

Then the moment came when the defense opted to bash the House managers, I was forced to hold on to my rib cage for dear life. Coughing while trying to sip my rum and coke, I managed to tolerate a few more minutes of the lamest defense arguments, ever heard by human ears. I understood then that law degrees could be found in candy wrappers.

At last, after the added somber music, the doctored videos and manipulated statements, I was waiting for someone, anyone, to hand the defense a roll of toilet paper.

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