Thought of the moment

People who approved of what Trump did are traitors; the ones who expected better from Trump are idiots.
Granted that Trump wasn’t the lone leader of the insurrection of January 6th, 2021; he had a few accomplices. Born with the most acute imbecility, Josh Hawley, Edward Rafael Cruz, Ms Lindsey Graham, Moscow Mitch, Rand Paul and the likes must answer for their actions to overturn the elections and their assault on the US Constitution. No one is above the law. They shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind the First Amendment to excuse their assault on this country. The Constitution is clear to anyone who reads it.
All the drugs and hard liquor in the world could not produce the level of stupidity required to excuse their congenital idiocy. Credit for their ignorance goes to their parents who defied Mother Nature, and opted to keep them when an abortion was clearly a better option.

The American voter must clean up and restore decency to the US.

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