Even more corruption

The news is out: [The FBI is investigating renovations made to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s million-dollar home as part of an ongoing probe into allegations that the state’s highest-ranking attorney illegally helped a wealthy donor, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.
Last year, much of Paxton’s senior staff accused him of committing crimes to help Austin real estate developer Nate Paul, whom some of the Republican’s former deputies now say had a hand in work done on Paxton’s home. Following the remarkable revolt that riled Texas politics, all of Paxton’s accusers quit or were fired and four later sued the attorney general under the state’s whistleblower law.
In a revised court complaint filed Thursday, the group suing Paxton said they have information to suggest Paul “was involved in” the 2020 remodeling of a home in an affluent Austin neighborhood that Paxton purchased in 2018. They do not spell out what this evidence is nor detail Paul’s alleged role in the renovation.
The claim sheds new light on a possible motive for the acts that have brought Texas’ top lawyer under federal scrutiny. And the FBI has taken interest.]

There are many people rotting in jail who did a lot less.

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