One village, many idiots

The news is out: [The Mayor and Police Chief of a small Iowa town have been arrested alongside two other city officials after an investigation into financial impropriety allegedly revealed that they were embroiled in criminal conduct.
Armstrong Mayor Greg Buum, Armstrong Police Chief Craig Merrill, City Clerk Tracie Lang and former City Clerk Connie Thackery were taken into custody on Thursday.
A statement released by Emmett County Sheriff’s Office alleges that wrongdoing committed by the defendants includes the ‘misappropriation of city funds, the presentation of fraudulent public records, deploying a taser against a civilian in exchange for cash, and falsification of ledgers to conceal embezzlement’.
According to the Sheriff’s Office, there are ‘additional counts against some of the defendants for theft, felonious misconduct in office, non-felonious misconduct in office, tampering with records, assault with a dangerous weapon, and falsifying public documents’.]

Residents of Armstrong – a small community of around 1,000 people located in the north of the state – have been left shocked by the arrests. They voted these losers in office.

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