Denial is not a river

The news is out: [Bill Gates‘ oldest daughter joked on social media that her COVID-19 vaccine did not result in her “genius father” inserting a microchip into her brain.
The 24-year old medical student, Jennifer Gates, shared an Instagram post on Thursday to inform her followers that she’d received the vaccine’s first dose.
In the post, Gates appeared to poke fun at conspiracy theorists who baselessly claim that her billionaire father is plotting to use the vaccine to implant people with location-tracking microchips.
“Sadly the vaccine did NOT implant my genius father into my brain,” she wrote.]

Obviously Jennifer is not a genius if she cannot figure out that people don’t trust her father because he is a leader of the American Eugenics Movement. Hey Jennifer, educate yourself, look up the ideals of your father. According to his beliefs, you should have been aborted.

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