The nation knows; yet

The truth is out: [Republican senators have concocted a litany of silly, irrelevant reasons for why they didn’t vote to convict former President Donald Trump of fomenting an insurrection on January 6.
They said his impeachment was not constitutional (an argument even conservative lawyers shredded) or a violation of his First Amendment rights (also, no). They said Trump deserves a “mulligan” (which is just stupid, juvenile, and an affront to the rule of law). And they said convicting him is pointless (which ignores the fact that a conviction could have barred Trump from office).
Ultimately these are just words used to pass screen time on national TV or to fill copy in news articles. That’s because these GOP senators refuse to say why they really did not convict Trump: they were complicit in his crime and they are profiting from it.]

The CONSTITUTION will fall the next time Trump is elected.

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