Thought of the day

Please stop. Stop the whining, the crying and the bitching. No matter how many times you repeat the so-called “clever” arguments of the House managers, no matter how many times you replay the videos, no matter how many times you keep claiming that Trump incited the terrorist insurrection, IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME. It’s done: Trump was acquitted. So turn off the faucets, stop the BS and move on. It’s a new day; the sun rose this morning.

Only people with 2 drunk brain cells fighting over the couch didn’t see it coming. 6 years ago, I wrote in my books that the US looked like one big pussy waiting to get fucked. The country is collectively smoking a cigarette with Biden. The old pimp is coming back for his whore. If you think what Trump did was horrendous, wait until you see what he has in store for a hoe who turned her back on him. Right now, the time is ripe to prepare for what Trump will do the next time he is elected, again. And I guarantee you he will be president again. Now is the time for “si vis pacem, para bellum”.

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