A disgrace to her skin

The news is out: [The first Black woman to lead the Philadelphia Police Department, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw authorized tear gas on peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. Outlaw must go because she is doing the Black community no good, but the larger issue is, what exactly should be the role of the Black police officer, and what is their responsibility to the community?
Outlaw took the helm only months before the Black Lives Matter protests that erupted last spring and summer following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Hopes were high that she would clean up a department infested with corruption, racism and sexual assault.
Those hopes were dashed when Outlaw’s riot police rolled out with tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in West Philly and on I-676.]

At the end of the day, Danielle Outlaw is still black, a rat, zero and cry baby.

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