Blue lottery

The news is out: [A Black police officer beaten by white officers while working undercover during protests in St. Louis in 2017 will be paid a $5m settlement by the city, according to a settlement agreement.
Officer Luther Hall was left with a tailbone injury, herniated disks in his neck and back and facial injuries that left him unable to eat after the attack.
Officers Christopher Myers, Dustin Boone, Randy Hays and Bailey Colletta were federally indicted for their alleged roles.
Hall says he complied with the officers’ requests to get on the ground; the arresting officers claim he did not comply.
The officers then slammed Hall to the ground twice, according to his lawsuit.
Footage from the protests then showed Hall being beaten by a number of officers with their batons and fists.
He says he submitted to his arrest hoping a colleague would recognize him.
Hall’s white police partner was arrested but not assaulted by police.]

Luther won the blue lottery.

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