The bimbo and the eugenicist

The news is out: [Congresswoman and gun rights activist Lauren Boebert (R- CO) tweeted out an image of a steak on Tuesday, taunting Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to “come and take it,” in response to his call for widespread adoption of lab-created beef. But the rib steak image she so proudly tweeted out with the popular, Second Amendment catchphrase wasn’t actually from her kitchen, but was instead scraped from elsewhere on the Internet.
Boebert’s surreal Twitter beef was apparently prompted by a recent interview the billionaire philanthropist gave to MIT Technology Review, in which he said: “I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.”
“Come and take it, Bill,” Boebert posted in response, with the attached stock photo of a bone-in rib steak.
The carefully staged food photo seemed a bit too well done, and led some online sleuths to track down the so-to-speak raw image, which was ripped from the website of an upstate New York butcher shop.]

This is a non-problem between 2 morons and I can easily solve that. Let Bill Gates pay for the steak that Lauren Boebert will cook to my satisfaction. End of story.

Let me digress to remind everyone that Bill Gates is a eugenicist, like his father, who believes in world population control. Yet, that didn’t stop him from having 3 kids: Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe.

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