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The news is out: [Feb. 19—A Southwest Greensburg police officer is facing criminal charges after investigators said he pulled a woman over in his personal car while he was not on duty, according to court papers.
James Edward Shaw, 54, of Mt. Pleasant Township, is charged with a single misdemeanor count of official oppression.
Westmoreland County detectives were notified that on Oct. 27 a woman was driving to work north on Route 119 in East Huntingdon near the Westmoreland-Fayette border when she noticed a black sports car traveling the same direction, according to court papers.
She told investigators that she moved into the left lane to pass a car in front of her, but then switched back to the right lane after noticing emergency-type lights in the sports car, believing that it may be a police officer.]

The woman should sue the hell out of him.

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