Great move by dad

The news is out: [A Connecticut father whose son was shot and killed by a police officer in 2019 has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer who pulled the trigger, the Town of Wethersfield (which employed the officer), and an unknown number of John Does “whose names and identities are not currently known.”
The lawsuit alleges six separate counts involving violations of the Connecticut Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, battery, negligence, and wrongful death. Among the state constitutional claims is that the force used against the victim, Anthony Vega-Cruz, was “unreasonable and unlawful” and that authorities “fail[ed] to provide and/or summons timely medical care following” the shooting.
Jose Vega-Colon is the named plaintiff as administrator of his son’s estate. Officer Layau Eulizier, who fired the fatal shots, is sued in his official and in his personal capacity.]

The Connecticut man was racially profiled and received the death penalty for making a wrong turn in an unregistered car (simple moving violation.)

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