Biblical stupidity 1592

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:

The study of inconsistencies in the Bible has a long history. In the 17th century, Spinoza considered the Bible to be “a book rich in contradictions.” In the 18th century, Thomas Paine in “The Age of Reason” compiled many of the Bible’s self-contradictions. And in 1860, William Henry Burr produced a list of 144 self-contradictions in the Bible. This is an updated list of over 712 inconsistencies in the Bible.

Judges 9:13 And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees?

Let’s cruise beyond trees talking to each other for a minute, to understand that wine cheereth God. So God drinks wine and that’s probably one of the reasons he kills children: under the influence.

The slaughter continues

The news is out: [A black teenager whose death sparked an outcry in his Colorado hometown was running from police officers when he was shot four times, according to body camera footage and an autopsy report released Thursday.
The bodycam footage from the Colorado Springs Police Department shows De’Von Bailey, 19, running from two officers who were questioning him and another man about a reported robbery before being shot three times in the back and once in the back of his arm.
Bailey’s family was “devastated” after seeing the “wholly unjustified killing of their family member,” the family’s attorneys said in a statement. The teen’s family and friends had rallied this week in front of the city’s police headquarters, demanding an independent investigation into his Aug. 3 death.
Colorado Springs police did not release a statement on Thursday.]

Another murder to be absolved by a racist justice system.

Black dilemma or stupidity?

The news is out: [GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Joe Darby, a South Carolina pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, pondered a sensitive question that he knew was on the mind of his congregation. Would black voters be able to reconcile their conservative religious doctrine with voting for a gay candidate for president?
“It’s a heavy lift in the black church,” says Darby, who is also a Charleston-area NAACP leader. “Just as nobody who is racist likes to say, ‘I’m a racist,’ nobody who is homophobic in the black community likes to say, ‘I’m homophobic.'”]

Shocking to see these cafeteria negroes so pre-occupied with gays when they don’t follow other things in the bible, like killing people found working on the Sabbath, selling their daughters into slavery, and slaughtering black babies like their white God. But then again, what can be expected from a bunch of morons who entered the religious plantation on their own accord?

Even the damn dog

The news is out: [A Catholic priest in Tennessee says an African American woman wasn’t allowed to clean his church home because his dog dislikes black people, media outlets report.
The woman wants the priest disciplined for discrimination, she says.
LaShundra Allen of Memphis got a job to clean the Catholic Church of the Incarnation in Collierville and the rectory where the priest lives, according to WHBQ. When she went to the church with the woman she was supposed to replace, Allen says she was rebuffed by staff, she told the Memphis TV station.
Father Jacek (Kowal) doesn’t want black people cleaning the house because his dog is racist,” Allen remembers church staff telling her, according to WHBQ.
Allen called the priest discriminatory, according to WHBQ.
“That’s not OK,” she told WHBQ. “You just told me you didn’t want me in your house because I’m colored skinned.”]
God, forwards or backwards, hates negroes, but will accept cash donations from them.

Israhell again

The news is out: [JERUSALEM (AP) — With a push from President Donald Trump, Israel on Thursday barred two Muslim-American congresswomen from entering the country for a visit, an extraordinary step bringing the longtime U.S. ally into Trump’s domestic fight against political rivals at home.
The U.S. president is essentially relying on Israel to retaliate against two freshman lawmakers, Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who are both outspoken critics of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. They are also part of the “squad” of liberal newcomers — all women of color — whom Trump has labeled the face of the Democratic Party as he runs for reelection.
It’s a glaring departure from the tradition of American politicians leaving domestic disputes at the water’s edge.]

Israhell is a smaller version of the US; the only difference is the Zionist (racism) is thicker. The time has come to stop sending American money to a racist country that kills negroes and discriminates against black members of Congress.

Obese white woman

The news is out: [The wife of an Arkansas jail administrator was arrested on Monday after she allegedly pulled a gun on four black students who were going door-to-door to raise money for a school athletic program, according to WMC.
Wynne police charged 46-year-old Jerri Kelly, wife of Cross County Jail administrator Joe Kelly, with four counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor. Her arrest came days after she reportedly held the teenagers hostage outside a home.
Last Wednesday morning, officers responded to a report of “suspicious persons” and found Jerri standing over four juveniles who were lying on the ground, Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark said. Jerri purportedly had a gun in her hand.
According to Clark, one of the officers then let the teenagers stand up and they explained that they were selling cards as part of a school fundraiser. Bill Winkler, a resident who has lived in the neighborhood for four decades, told WMC that he often sees the students going door-to-door and that it was nothing new.
“Usually, it’s right before football season, late summer or early fall the kids were out selling these discount cards,” he said.]

America: racism from sea to shining sea.

Black man looking

The news is out: [DETROIT – Police have launched an internal investigation after officers stopped and questioned a black man reportedly because a white woman said he looked at her suspiciously.
Critics say the police response was aggressive and over the top. A video of the encounter, which happened Tuesday evening outside a cafe in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, is circulating on social media.
The man was walking to the restaurant when an officer pulled up and began asking him questions, cafe manager Erin Frey said. Three other officers also responded to the scene.
The man was questioned for almost an hour before he was told he was free to go, Frey said.]

It’s time for negroes to turn these illegal, unconstitutional stop and detentions into financial profits. Sue the jackbooted neo-Nazis until they learn how to do their jobs. All the white woman in question did was to place a phone call; she wasn’t questioned for an hour or charged with making a false report. So hang tight until the next time a white woman sees another negro.