Biblical stupidity part 414

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Among them:
The Council of Nicaea, in 325AD, was the true starting point of the Catholic religion, when emperor Constantine I opened the gates of hell and released pope Silvester and his legions of demons.

From 325AD until 1095, during the dark ages of the cult, the church enslaved thousands of monks to translate and deface the history of Egypt and adapt it to the new cult. In a book called the bible, the very best values of the sect were coded into stories, precepts, celestial laws and commandments.

In 1603, per order of James I, the black king of Britain, France and Ireland, the bible was re-written to remove and/or change a few of the absurdities which were causing havoc, even at that time.

The western beginning of the cult, placed at year 1, was just an arbitrary religious, financial and political decision.

The ideals of world domination were also being developed for the European nations, the spawns of the beast. It wasn’t long before the beast exited the icy caves of Europe, with all its tentacles, to prey on the world.