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My journey into reality” details my background, upbringing, education and the wonderful journey that led me to discover truth and reason. It’s kind of my farewell to religion and return to spirituality. A little bit of true corrective history is added, along with a very important health advice about toothpaste.
Errata: Page 14, 6th paragraph: and until 1970 I followed the teachings, Page 16, 3rd paragraph: Lacrimantem meum vidit, Page 30, 9th paragraph: citizenship Page 40, 7th paragraph: the bible states in the book of Job Page 92, 7th paragraph: from number 12th to 14th Page 100, 4th paragraph: not using a mind is worse
Cutting floor: CORPORATE RACISM AND STUPIDITY After graduating from the police academy, I was approached by a friend who wanted to know if I would be interested in joining a company he worked for. His sale speech was convincing: the job was offering a starting salary double that of any law enforcement agency, even the Sheriff’s office. It was a no-brainer. In 1995, I was hired by Color Wheel Paints and Coatings. Over the years, I learned everything I could, to master the point of sale end of the business, specially the art of matching colors. Without bragging, I am very good at it, way better than any matching computer. I always took pride in any work I was doing, and being told I was one of the best didn’t stop me from trying to get even better at it. The word got around in eight years.
One day in 2003, to my surprise, a bold man from a competitive company showed up at my job and asked if I would be willing to transfer to his company. Two unfortunate incidents caused me to leave Color Wheel. One instance, involving a racist encounter with Jens Nedavni, is described in “World super predators”. Another troubling discovery made my decision very easy, when I found out that a new, totally inexperienced white employee, Jim Gangle, was receiving $12.50 an hour while I was still bogged down at $9.50 after 8 years of service. Other white employees, better at hiding than helping customers, were also receiving higher wages. So, with a heavy heart, I waved goodbye to the company as a productive million dollar worker.
The new company store, I was assigned to, had 6 employees. The assistant manager was scheduled for medical surgery and the likelihood of him coming back was slim to none. I was shoved into that position at Duron Paints and Wall coverings, without the salary. However, the job was at an easy convenient 15 minutes drive from my house. After about three months, the manager, Bill Boyer, and two employees were transferred to a bigger store, after Ed Telson, the white area manager, told me that he sent people he didn’t like to the big store. I became the unwilling acting manager and assistant manager of the store, without the salary. Just me and one driver, Jose Garcia. Still, I took the job to heart.
One of the crutches impeding greater success of the business was a silly system called “model store” which was supervised by a pencil pusher from the company headquarters in Beltsville. Someone behind a desk in Maryland was deciding what a store in Florida should have in stock. Every single day, I was talking to, taking orders from and preparing materials for the professional painters and customers; every single day, I was in direct contact with my customers. I knew about their present and future projects. The inventory of the “model” store was at best inadequate. Many paint cans have been on the shelf for years, other unsold five gallon containers were just taking up space, all the while, we didn’t have enough of the requested material to fill an order. When that happened, we were expected to “borrow” what we needed from another store. That involved taking a driver from his normal delivery routine, my store only had one driver, and wasting time while the professional painters and customers waited for the products. Many times, a homeowner would just leave and go somewhere else, mainly to Lowe’s.
Stocking the materials wanted by the painters and retail customers, on a timely basis, was very important to me. I ignored the computer recommendations, went off the “model store” guidelines and ordered what I knew my customers would need. Large volume painters, who couldn’t get their paint orders filled on time from other stores, flocked to mine. Our sales rocketed from $60,000/ year with 6 employees to $1.2 million with just 2 employees. Two phone calls came from headquarters warning me to stay within the confined “model store” or a loss of bonus would occur. Go figure! They threatened to cut 20% of a bonus check I was not getting.
Trouble started when a former white employee of Color Wheel came to Duron and became Ed’s best friend by providing him with marijuana and Viagra pills. Everyday, he would stand by the front door, harassing women passing by and basically refused to help with any work. He was always tired. I wasn’t nice to him and he complained to his buddy Ed and the regional manager. The corporate geniuses made the decision to place a young inexperienced white kid in charge and transferred me to the bigger store, at one hour toll drive from my house. Yup, the store where Ed sent people he didn’t like. The old store dropped back to $50,000/ year with three new employees. The word got around.
One day in 2005, to my surprise, another bold man from a competitive company showed up at my job and asked if I would be willing to transfer to his company. I declined his offer to join Sherwin-Williams, because I knew of a few friends who were not happy working there. That feeling was reinforced when Sherwin-Williams purchased Duron. When the sale was announced, I handed my resignation to the company, along the rest of the staff.
“Deadly Faith” is about the trust we placed in companies and things that we fail to question. Not everyone has our best interest in mind; so we should never let our guard down. Included are more religious truths, a list of food and companies that should be avoided, plus more warnings about dangerous products. Chapter two exposed the American Eugenics Movement, something everyone should know about.
Errata: Page 22, 4th paragraph: every Sunday, Page 30, 2nd paragraph: Scientists provided their help and laws were enacted to convince the rest, Page 38, 2nd paragraph: Ignoring his pleas, the Native Americans beat and tortured him, and raped his companions, Page 52, 2nd paragraph: Blacks helped the system, either by ignorance or sheer stupidity,  Page 84, 1st paragraph: your only choice is to get a filter system to keep out chlorine Page 98, 4th paragraph: bitter melon is also used
“Willy’s garden” is all about gardening the natural way. There is no excuse for not planting something, whether living in an apartment, city or a farm in the country. Everyone can grow something. This book is packed with money savings ideas. Learn how to make your own laundry detergent, 4 gallons for about $1.50
Errata: Page 48, 2nd paragraph: Aquaponics is an easy way to combine Page 51, 2nd paragraph: A tent can be improvised
“Spiritual Mess” covers the first 8 books of the bible (kjv) to expose the many absurdities and contradictions therein. From Genesis to Ruth, every book, chapter, page, is analyzed, verse by verse, with detailed commentaries.
Errata: Page 9, 4th paragraph: This book will follow the first 8 books of the bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, word by word, Page 20, 1st paragraph: create the winged horse for Muhammad to ride into the celestial sunset?, Page 28, 5th paragraph: about to screw up? Later the same bible… Page 32, 2nd paragraph: Why did God create apples when he is so repulsed by organic fruits?, Page 45, 4th paragraph: most believers will totally ignore how…, Page 48, 3rd paragraph: happened after Jacob whooped him in that wrestling match, Page 51, 2nd paragraph: So he inspired the killing of Egyptian baby boys, Page 54, 2nd paragraph: we should keep this as our little secret, Page 69, 5th paragraph: Leviticus 18 God laid down the law, Page 111, 2nd paragraph: unless we want to go back to the Dark Ages
Cutting floor: LEGACY The younger children of Christians proudly follow in the footsteps of their parents. The older generation, totally encrusted in the idiotic indoctrination of the cult, would rather entrenched themselves further into denial than admit they were wrong and correct their mistake to match reality and common sense. A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. Thus, many are doomed to continue into a path of hallucinating delusion because of the lack of integrity of their elders.
“Sinful Deception” covers the bible (kjv) from 1 Samuel to Haggai, the end of the Old Testament. Every book, chapter, page, is analyzed, verse by verse, with detailed commentaries.
Errata: Page 8, 3rd paragraph: from Serapis Christus (315AD), Page 19, 1st paragraph: so he picks a secretary
“Incestuous Savior” covers the bible (KJV) from Matthew to Revelation, every book, chapter, page, is analyzed, verse by verse, with detailed commentaries. Spoiler alert: a very simple, elementary, logical conclusion can lead anyone to verify the claim made about Jesus being a bastard born of incest and adultery. All the details are in the bible.
Errata: page 8, 3rd paragraph: on computer Page 8, 4th paragraph: better described as senseless and depraved (Joshua 6:6-7; 6:21; 8:25; 11:11), (Deuteronomy 20:14), (Judges 20:21, 25, 35, 44, 48), (2 Samuel 6:6)? Would I not only condone slavery but go the extra step of teaching how to beat slaves (Deuteronomy 20:13-14), (Exodus 21:4-8; 21:20-21), (Leviticus 25:44-46), (Luke 12:46-47), (1 Timothy 6:1-2)? … Would I make any rule against my own son (John 3:16)? Page 41, 2nd paragraph: What was the conversation about? Page 43, 5th paragraph: because here comes that 3 days deal again. Page 46, 5th paragraph: First world case of a single filicide/suicide death. Page 118, 2nd paragraph: Revelation 2:23 Page 124, 3rd paragraph: Just when you thought it was safe Page 127, 3rd paragraph: Beware of anyone dressed in white with golden
“The Church of the Tasty Griot” is about my Ministry. Founded on August 23rd, 2015, it is a misnomer meant to be more of an outlet for free thinking, an invitation to dialogue, in other words, a common sense church. One of the missions of the church is to clean up the religious garbage being peddled around, teach the absolute truth of the gospels, find and destroy absurdities, fight ignorance and educate.
On April 19th, 2015, I became a twice ordained minister, with all the rights and privileges thereof, certified by the Open Ministry and the Universal Life Church, the Monastery. Among the many duties of the ministry, acting in persona Dei capitis, I received the authorization to wear the clothes of the trade, perform baptisms, weddings and funerals, listen to confessions, collect tithes, give spiritual direction, annoint the sick, speak in tongues, forgive sins, perform exorcism, listen to problems from the followers, prenuptial and marriage counseling, teach doctrines and many other secret and sacred religious tasks.
The opportunity to open my own church was included in the package. In my triple role as counselor, exorcist and spiritual leader, I jumped on the idea immediately and founded the “Church of the Tasty Griot”. Then, I went on to write the book to present the church to future followers and believers.
It contains the introduction of the Reverend, the declaration of the Ministry, the sacraments, the 10 commandments of the Church, the “Greasy Nibble” which is our fun bible. For good measure, there is the book of butchers where one can learn how to process livestock along with a couple of recipes. Way better than the nonsense in the Christian bible.
Errata: Page 60, 4th paragraph: to prevent them from having an orgasm, Page 201, 2nd paragraph: Crossing the city of Mayaguez Page 203, 1st paragraph: It takes many nails to build a crib, Page 286, 2nd paragraph: From the origin of the word, “ish” is a suffix… There is no and has never been a nation or a people called… From the origin of the word, “ish” is a suffix…
“The Lost books of the Tasty Griot” cover a few books which were removed from the original bible. What happened to Adam and Eve after they were kicked out of the garden of Eden? What was the real reason for Cain to kill Abel and where did he find his wife, since his mother was supposedly the only woman on earth at the time? What is in the book of Enoch?
There are more warnings about bad companies and products, a look at the education system and racism.
Errata: Page 13, 1st paragraph: The lost books of the Tasty Griot. Page 79, 3rd paragraph: …when Abel is murdered, Page 97, 2nd paragraph: A young Mary is said to have been familiar…
“2 burgers and a beer” (available on paperback only) is all about the racism that is so prevalent in the world. The book destroys the myth and propaganda about poor third world black countries.
Errata: Page 40, 1st paragraph: Now he is a racist idiot commentator, Page 51, 4th paragraph: John Paul Quintero, Page 65, 2nd paragraph: …who primarily raided Spanish settlements, Page 86, 2nd paragraph: a good sea salt has 80 nutrients, Page 148, 1st paragraph: Castro’s first wife was Mirta Diaz-Balart Page 202, 3rd paragraph: the US remains the worse
Postnote: Words do not belong to anyone. No one can lay claim to the ownership of any word or group of words that have been used since they were invented by MY ancestors.
Cutting floor: SIMPLE LIVING WILL I, (your name), being of sound mind and body, do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means. Under no circumstances should my fate be put in the hands of pinheads politicians who couldn’t pass ninth-grade biology if their lives depended on it; or lawyers and doctors interested in simply running up the bills. If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to ask for, at least, one of the following: Rum and coke, lobster, a dirty magazine, garlic mashed potatoes, sex, the remote control, chocolate or a glass of PB Concord Rouge wine, it should be presumed that I won’t ever get better. When such a determination is reached, I hereby instruct my appointed person and attending physicians to pull the plug, reel in the tubes and call it a day.
“My little homestead” is about my farm, where a healthy fare is grown for the whole family. 85% of my food is produced the true natural way, in a tightly controlled environment, with no synthetic fertilizer, no pesticide, no growth hormone, no antibiotic, no poison. Plants are heirloom and animals are grass-fed. Included are some recipes so flavorful that you will never notice how healthy they are.
Errata: Page 9, 2nd paragraph: many farmers are paid to leave their land fallow Page 16, 1st paragraph: leading straight to the cemetery Page 41, 4th paragraph: Located near the shed and facing South,
“World super predators” is my direct personal answer to the racist 1996 speech by the queen white supremacist idiot Hillary Clinton. Once again, this book destroys the myth and propaganda about the perceived criminality of blacks.
Errata: Page 62, 1st paragraph: Dum Diversas which commanded the relegation Muslims, Page 83, 1st paragraph: looking for gold and silver,
“Papa time” is about having fun with the grand kids. It’s about sharing with them an improved version of the upbringing that my kids received. It’s a second chance to teach things in an even better way. Included are the famous recipes they love and some seriously valuable information about real black history.
Errata: Alkebulan (the real name for Africa) instead of Ashkebulan.
Page 24, 2nd paragraph: Why did invisible angels need to be Page 24, last paragraph: a perfect God who invented, Page 62, 7th paragraph: 7 times Jesus prayed, Page 82, 6th paragraph: the reason is quite clear, Page 99, 3rd paragraph: make instead of made Page 100, 3rd paragraph: 1492 instead of 1642 Page 104, 2nd paragraph: What makes it instead of what’s make it Page 113, 6th paragraph: Try not to dump grease down the drain. Save an empty glass jar to store grease before discarding. Page 120, 2nd paragraph: Whenever papa visits, he enjoys Page 195, 1st paragraph: We also know who his daddy, granddaddy, Page 196, 3rd paragraph: Alkebulan Page 223, 2nd paragraph: going to bed hungry Page 224, 3rd paragraph: Negroes are still unable to get together Page 286, 5th paragraph: any woman instead of an woman.
Cutting floor: I don’t celebrate any so-called national or religious holidays that have been decided and selected by some idiots. What’s special and important to me are my and the birthday of my children and grandchildren. That’s what I celebrate. I don’t lay down or roll over when I am told, and I don’t sit on command either. I have this weird thing I do, it’s called thinking. I ask questions and demand proof and evidence.
“Dysfunctional humans” is the up-to-date version of my thoughts and opinion on life and current events. It adds and complements the past statements that were made in the previous books, along with more in-depth probing. No one gets a free pass.
Errata: Alkebulan (the real name for Africa) instead of Ashkebulan. Page 39, 2nd paragraph: European thieves hijacked the …, Page 172, 5th paragraph: the New World Order supports… Page 174, 2nd paragraph: no Negro in the world is allowed access to the writings of his dead parents, Page 180, 4th paragraph: You look so fake, Page 229, 2nd paragraph: ,and as members of the team. Page 263, 4th paragraph: First, it was blamed …Page 328, 4th paragraph: Rectifying the dysfunctionality of our world,